Merchant shares...

  How it works?
I would like to introduce you to an investment company that is both secure and tested. It is an investment company i have tried for some months now and i know of others that have been with them since 2014, and its yield has been consistent and daily.

Merchant Shares is an international organisation officially registered as "Service Merchants Corp." with the company registration number 11861 in Commonwealth of Dominica under International Business Companies (IBC) ACT 1996.
It is a business verified company with 30 days, money back guaranteed and you can start your investment with as little as $20. It provides a daily return of up to 2.25% till it gets up to 150%. It also provides instant withdrawal and major payment methods are supported. 
Most Importantly, there is a very vibrant members discussion group on facebook to help out with issues when you join.

Merchant Shares offers investment in 5 sectors:
1. Web Advertising
2. Forex Trading
3. Commodities Trading
4. Stocks Trading
5. Crypto Coins
The trading for the different sectors are displayed in a daily graph that shows your percentage profit available from 0.25% to 2.25%


How to invest in merchant shares?
1. You need to signup with Merchant Shares with the Get Started Today button below.

2. Then you need to make a deposit from a payment processor. Create an account in one        of the payment processor shown below. 
     a. Perfect Money
     b. OKPAY
     c. Neteller
     d. PAYEER
     e. PAYTOO
     f. Solid Trust Pay
     g. BTC...and Yes! you can invest with Bitcoins.

3. Transfer the money from your payment processor to Merchant shares. 
     It may take a few seconds to reflect...Please be patient.

4. Once reflected, Invest and start earning daily.

NB: Each investment must be a minimum of $20 and you are guaranteed 150% on your investment (100% is your invested amount + 50% is your profit). 

As displayed in the Profit Sharing History, you earn a percentage of your profit daily until you reach your guaranteed 150%, at which that time your investment will expire.

You will earn from 0.25%  to 2.25% per day 7 days a week for Web Ads and Crypto coins. You will earn 0.25% to 2.25% per day on weekdays for Forex, Stocks and Commodities and 0.25% on weekend. This is because trading ends on Fridays evenings and resumes on monday morning.

They have been faithfully processing withdrawals INSTANTLY since they first launched in March of 2014. 

You can compound by reinvesting your Profit Available to make new investments.
Merchant Shares has a 30-day money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their services, with no questions asked. You can sign up here.

   NB: Please ensure you signup with referral from anthony usoro: tiusoro.
        I am here to guide you all the way to achieving financial freedom through Merchant Shares.

Need to speak to someone for more clarification? 
Call Tony on +234 809 378 1000
Skype:  usorouk1

From those already investing in Merchant shares

Sally Entwistle  
I Joined MS 22nd November 2016, after a dear friend introduced me.
MS provides an excellent, easy, system which delivers 24/7 I am 100% satisfied, confident and would highly recommend MS. 
MS plain & simple, works!

Ruth Martin
I have been a satisfied member of Merchant Shares since February 2016. I appreciate the hard work they do to keep all members happy.

I have been a member of Merchant Shares since December 2015.
I have many deposits running and have been paid almost 50 times and counting!
Merchant Shares has my trust as they have come out of each program issue as strong as ever.

Cleon Lum
I have been scammed by so many websites and I am SO HAPPY when I found Merchant Shares. It is more than just RELIABLE, it is SIMPLE, EASY and MANAGEABLE and can allow any one to START MAKING additional MONEY and even PASSIVE INCOME.

Smart Onyebuchi
Money does not come from nowhere, it's either you work for it or your money works for you. Stop thinking if it's real, it's all real.